Weathering the Storm: How Marine Boat Surveys Prepare Boats for Rough Seas

Weathering the Storm: How Marine Boat Surveys Prepare Boats for Rough Seas

When it comes to boat ownership, sometimes Mother Nature can take a toll on boats and other vessels. It is important to determine the condition of the vessel before bringing it out on the open seas. A marine survey can help provide assurance that a boat is in good shape and can make an outing safer for everyone involved. Marine surveys also allow boaters and potential buyers to assess any damages or areas of concern before getting too deep into the process. Sun Coast Marine Surveying in Sarasota provides comprehensive Marine Surveys to ensure customers have all the information they need to plan for a successful voyage.

Marine surveys are often used when purchasing or selling a vessel. After it has been identified that the vessel will need work, the surveyor makes sure that any repair is completed correctly. However, marine surveys can often be used on vessels as young as five years old even if they are not being sold or bought. This way, the owner can get a better understanding of the condition of their vessel with detailed written reports and photographs so they can make any necessary repairs.

At Sun Coast Marine Surveying, our team of experienced professionals offer a variety of Marine Surveys services including Pre-Purchase/Pre-Sale Survey, Insurance Claims Assessments, Appraisals, Damage Reports, Out of Water Inspections, Mechanical/Engine Surveys, Hull Condition Surveys, and more. Each assessment consists of inspections of the boat’s critical systems including engine, fuel system, electrical system, navigational equipment, prop shafts, exhaust systems, rudder systems, cabin, and much more. We also perform moisture readings using a device that detects any potential moisture build up or corrosion inside the walls of either fiberglass or wood hulled boats; this helps to prevent any future issues caused by moisture damage.

Another service Sun Coast Marine Surveying offers is consultations for potential buyers who are researching available models or looking for advice on specific types of yachts, motors, maintenance advice and more. Our team can offer guidance on selecting a boat based on its intended use and cruising plans. The consultation service we offers gives individuals a better understanding of what should be taken into consideration when purchasing a vessel.

For those looking to take their vessel out during rough weather conditions, marine surveys are key for learning the best steps to take to ensure a safe voyage. Knowing the overall condition of the ship through a professional Inspection report gives individuals peace of mind that their vessel won’t put them in danger as they cross choppy seas. Things like hull construction integrity and stability can only be inspected by a certified marine technician. Sun Coast Marine Surveying prides itself on providing thorough surveys and unrivaled customer service so that customers feel comfortable leaving in preparation for their next adventure.

When preparing for any water outing, it is important to take all factors into consideration including any possible weather disruptions. At Sun Coast Marine Surveying Sarasota we understand how rough waters can impact a boat so we do our best to accurately evaluate each craft so customers have the information needed to protect themselves against storms at sea. Contact us today for marine surveys services that exceed expectations!r

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