The Essential Guide to Marine Boat Surveys: What You Need to Know

The Essential Guide to Marine Boat Surveys: What You Need to Know

A marine boat survey is an important part of any boat purchase or refit. Prospective buyers, boat owners, and insurance companies all rely on the findings of a survey to make informed decisions about boat purchases and repairs. If you are considering purchasing a boat, having an expert do a thorough Marine Boat Survey Sarasota of the vessel is essential. Sun Coast Marine Surveying can answer your questions and offer advice on the types of surveys that may be necessary.

take various forms and require varying levels of inspection, but they generally allow for a variety of inspections that involve extensive knowledge of maritime vessels. The most common type of survey involves examining the exterior components such as hulls, decks, machinery, fittings, and rigging. Depending on the purpose of the survey, it might also include interior systems such as plumbing, heating, ventilation, lift tanks, steering elements, electrical wiring, and electronics. In addition, the surveyor will likely inspect and assess the safety equipment aboard the vessel including life rafts, fire extinguishers, and life jackets.

Different are conducted for different purposes. A visual only survey is typically requested by boat insurance companies to determine coverage and verify condition before extending coverage. This type of survey typically includes a detailed evaluation of the vessel’s external structures including frames, planking, and decking. It also looks at the hull below the waterline for any visible damage related to its construction or exposure to environment like storms and strong sea currents.

When a boat buyer or seller requests a Marine Boat Survey Sarasota, they usually request a more detailed survey that looks at the safety aspects as well as the overall condition of the vessel. This type of survey will look closely at the engine and its operating systems as well as the fuel system. It will also examine major items such as the sails and standing rigging plus other hardware such as cleats and winches. Sun Coast Marine Surveying can provide buyers with an accurate assessment of what they need to be aware of when making a purchase decision.

An out-of-water Marine Boat Survey Sarasota requires special preparation and knowledge and differs significantly from surveys done on other types of vessels. An out-of-water survey might involve draining tanks and removing certain items, like the propeller or rudder in order to gain access to certain parts of the hull. The goal is to uncover any hidden damage like blistering and osmosis that may be difficult or impossible to detect while in the water.

If you are considering purchasing or refurbishing a boat, a Marine Boat Survey Sarasota should be part of your strategy for assessing the condition of the vessel prior to purchase or repair estimates. Sun Coast Marine Surveying can provide prospective buyers with an accurate assessment of the vessel’s current condition and reveal any important details that could impact the sale price or their willingness to purchase. Contact us today for more information on our Marine Boat Surveys Sarasota services.r

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