All Aboard the Survey: Ensuring Seaworthiness through Marine Boat Inspections

All Aboard the Survey: Ensuring Seaworthiness through Marine Boat Inspections

Buying a boat is an exciting and rewarding experience, but not all boats are created equal. In order to ascertain the seaworthiness of any vessel it is essential to have a full inspection by a professional marine surveyor. Sun Coast Marine Surveying has been providing marine surveys for over 10 years in the Sarasota area. With certified marine surveyors on staff, they are the experts on making sure your boat is ready to hit the open seas.

ensure the safe operation of vessels out on open water and protect their owners from costly repairs that could be avoided with proper vetting. Many buyers simply do not comprehend the amount of money that can be lost due to poor maintenance or improper use of a boat; regular evaluations are essential for safety and financial security. While most brokers and dealers will provide basic inspections prior to purchase, it is important to go beyond the surface level when selecting a vessel for purchase.

Sun Coast Marine Surveying offers full marine surveys for both power and sailing vessels up to 165 feet. Their certified marine surveyors have extensive knowledge related to the structural integrity of these vessels. This includes hulls, engines, propulsion systems, fuel tanks, electrical systems, plumbing systems, deck components and more. They also inspect rigging and sails on sailing vessels and understand how the forces exerted on them affect overall performance and longevity.

In addition to assessing a boat’s structural soundness, a will evaluate its systems and daily operations. Details around fresh water and sanitary systems, appliances, equipment, auxiliary motors, navigation electronics, emergency supplies, safety gear and other vital components will be examined. All working parts should be looked at closely so as to prevent potential mishaps while underway. It is wise to have all the pertinent records gathered prior to the inspection in order to determine if servicing was completed in accordance with regulations and manufacturer recommendations.

The surveyor will assess any other pertinent information such as insurance requirements, age of batteries, motor hours and general wear and tear of the boat. This provides assurance that the vessel is fit for its intended use and meets all applicable standards set forth by insurance providers or governing bodies.

At Sun Coast Marine Surveying we take pride in offering detailed marine surveys for vessels located in Sarasota or abroad. Our certified marine surveyors are highly trained professionals who understand the dynamics of different types of vessels and their associated maintenance requirements. We ensure that your investment is protected through a thorough and comprehensive evaluation that takes into account all factors related to safety and seaworthiness. Contact us today for more information about our marine surveys services!r

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